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Sarah Hyland and Jenna Dewan in The Wedding Year Video

Watch Sarah Hyland and Jenna Dewan in an Exclusive Scene From Rom-Com The Wedding Year

Wedding season is never easy, and Robert Luketic's The Wedding Year poses the impossible question: how do you maintain your sanity when you're riddled with commitment issues and surrounded by people getting their happily ever afters? The answer: you probably can't.

Starring Sarah Hyland and Tyler James Williams, the romantic comedy follows Hyland's Mara Hickey, a 27-year-old commitment-phobe who lands a cute boyfriend (Williams) just in time for a seriously packed wedding season. With seven weddings to attend in the same year — including her sister's — Mara and Jake's relationship is put to the test when her fear of commitment clashes with his readiness to settle down. If that classic formula for a good time doesn't grab your interest, we should mention that Luketic is pretty well-known for also directing a small indie flick known as Legally Blonde. So, yeah, it's a must see.

In the clip above, we get a brief glimpse into where Mara's intimacy issues come from as her older sister (Jenna Dewan in some truly genius casting) announces her engagement. Unsurprisingly, it's largely due to some bad blood between their divorced parents. Watch Mara attempt to process her sister's getting married to a man who thought euthanasia was a country (whew), and check out The Wedding Year when it hits theaters on Sept. 20.

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