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Watch SNL's Weed-Gummy Skit With Regina King | Video

SNL's Skit About Weed Gummy Bears Is One of the Trippiest Things I've Ever Seen

Saturday Night Live has had some weird skits in the past, but their recent skit "The Negotiator" might top them all. During the Feb. 13 episode, host Regina King played a cop with an interesting predicament: she accidentally ate weedy gummy bears which were marked as evidence.

As she tries to deal with a hostage negotiation, she starts imagining people dressed as gummy bears (who are singing a catchy tune) on the roof. However, things really go haywire when she starts seeing Marge Simpson and the Sun Baby from Teletubbies all grown up. Let's just say, Pete Davidson dressed as a gummy bear will be engrained in our brains forever. Watch the trippy video above.

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