SNL's "What Up With That" Skit Had Oscar Isaac as a Pirate and Cousin Greg — Need We Say More?

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Saturday Night Live brought back some iconic sketches during Jason Sudeikis's hosting gig on Oct. 23. In addition to reprising his role as the devil during "Weekend Update," the Ted Lasso actor also brought back Vance, the backup dancer from "What Up With That." For the special Halloween-themed sketch, the guest list included Oscar Isaac dressed as a pirate, Emily Ratajkowski dressed as a cat, and Nicholas Braun, whom Diondre Cole (Kenan Thompson) kept confusing as Lindsey Buckingham dressed as Cousin Greg from Succession. LOL! Seeing that Braun's costar Kieran Culkin is hosting next week, we wonder if he'll make another appearance for a Succession sketch. Watch the funny video above.