The Real Star of Sex Education's Third Season Is the Casting Director Behind Adam and Michael Groff

Sex Education is back on our Netflix home page at last, and there's one major plot point that everyone's been talking about. Surprisingly, it's not the relationship between Otis and Maeve, the friendship between Maeve and Aimee, or the empowering journey that Eric finds himself on in Nigeria. It's the cinematic relationship and resemblance between onscreen father and son, Adam and Michael Groff.

In season two, the Groffs faced some pretty heart-wrenching challenges, which rendered the relationship between father Michael (played by Alistair Petrie) and Adam (played by Connor Swindells) virtually unrepairable, and viewers were keen to see how the storyline would develop. In the third season, we see the pair navigating their own journeys with difficulty, and fans of the show have been both impressed and shocked at their character development and growing similarities.

The casting of both Michael and Adam Groff has been praised countless times by fans on Twitter, who genuinely cannot believe that the pair aren't father and son in real life, and honestly — neither can we. It's not just a visual comparison either; throughout the series, we watch both characters react incredibly similarly to certain situations and share the subtlest of mannerisms, which leads us to believe that the Sex Education's casting director knew exactly what they were doing when they picked Petrie and Swindells for the show.

Read on to see Twitter's reaction to the impeccable casting and thoroughly entertaining character development.