10 Iconic Katy Perry Music Videos, Ranked From Sexy to Sexiest

It doesn't matter that we've been blessed by Katy Perry's music for over a decade now — we're still obsessed. The sexy megastar is known for constantly changing up her look, her sound, and her relationships (good to see you again, Orlando Bloom!), and no matter what she does, she always manages to surprise us.

The Taylor vs. Katy battle has finally been put to rest, but we waged our own battle to rank Katy Perry's videos from sexy to sexiest. From alien love sagas to Egyptian seductions, scroll through to see which music videos made the cut.

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This video delivers some serious Avatar vibes, and even with the blue skin and reptile eyes, Perry looks stunning (especially when she cozies up to a robotic Shaun Ross).

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"Dark Horse"

Katy Pätra may not have be a real historic figure, but we'll never forget the realness of the Cleopatra-inspired looks that Perry serves in this one.

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"Waking Up in Vegas"

Though the night doesn't end so well for Perry in this video, that gorgeous red gown still looks pretty damn good in tatters.

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"This Is How We Do"

Okay, I think we can all agree that this song is not Perry's best, but this video is like a piece of sexy pop art come to life (and if someone can tell us where we can get that pizza bathing suit, please let us know).

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"Hot N Cold"

Alexander Francis Rodriguez may ditch Perry at the alter in this video, but in that scanty bride getup, we certainly wouldn't leave her waiting.

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"Thinking of You"

Even in mourning, Perry manages to make funeral attire look hot (and we definitely don't hate all those swoon-worthy scenes with super hotties Anderson Davis and Matt Dallas).

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"I Kissed a Girl"

This Moulin Rouge-esque romp is wild, fun, and the thing that first made us fall in love with Katy Perry — it's hard to believe that it was originally posted on her MySpace.

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Snow White, is that you? With her dark curtain of hair and blood red lips, Perry is all sex with no fireworks required in this seriously hypnotic video.

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"Teenage Dream"

We love the stripped-down gorgeousness of this video, and we also have a feeling that the underwater kiss scene would not look nearly as seamless if we tried to reenact it.

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"California Girls"

Cotton Candy, Gummy Bears, and a scantily-clad Katy Perry floating on a cloud — what else could you want from a music video? How about a bra that shoots whipped cream? Yeah, that's what we thought.