Steve Aoki and BTS Tease the Music Video For "Waste It On Me," and It Shows Major Representation

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It was a treat in itself when Steve Aoki surprised us with yet another BTS collaboration with the release of "Waste It On Me" on Oct. 25. Now, get ready to lose your mind, because Linkin Park's DJ, Joe Hahn, directed a music video for "Waste It On Me" with a star-studded, all Asian-American cast — and it's dropping sooner than we thought!

In a teaser shared exclusively with POPSUGAR, we see Ken Jeong (who plays the infamous Mr. Chow in The Hangover and recently starred in Crazy Rich Asians) fawning over Devon Aoki — yes, that's Steve Aoki's sister! Unfortunately for him, she seems to already be romantically attached to 13 Reasons Why star Ross Butler. Who knew that we were missing such drama and hilarity in our lives! In between the scenes of Ken vying for Devon's attention, the teaser cuts to moments of Steve Aoki, Leonardo Nam (Westworld), Vincent Rodriguez (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), actress Jinny Chung, and YouTuber Tiffany Ma giving their best lip-sync impression of the dance-inducing song!

At 30 seconds, the teaser leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Does Ken get the girl? Will BTS make a special appearance? We'll have all the answers on Monday, Nov. 19, when the music video drops!