Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, and Burna Boy's New Song "Own It" Slaps So Hard, We Have It on Repeat

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With Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, and Burna Boy collaborating on their new track, "Own It," you already know it's a banger. On Thursday, Stormzy gave us a preview of his anticipated new album Heavy Is The Head by sharing the music video of "Own It" on his official YouTube channel.

Stromzy, Ed Sheeran, and Burna Boy make a dream team on this song. Stormzy offers some strong bars, while Sheeran supplies the melody, and Burna Boy keeps the song grounded with a smooth base. "Own It" is superuplifting and upbeat — the perfect song for getting in your Friday feels and pumped for the weekend. "Own It" speaks about a woman who is owning her confidence, and the man who observes her is in awe of her presence.

This really has been Burna Boy's year with his fourth album African Giant being the unofficial hot-girl soundtrack of Summer 2019. It's also been nominated for a Grammy under the "Best World Music" category. Sheeran is, of course, a seasoned virtuoso ever since his official industry debut in 2011. Stormzy has also been killing it on all fronts, from his shaping of the grime scene to his philanthropic efforts. It's no surprise that Stormzy's new album Heavy Is The Head is set for release the day after the UK general election — Dec. 13, 2019.