A "Stranger Things" Dance Challenge Is Sweeping TikTok

A "Stranger Things" dance challenge has burst through a portal from the Upside Down and arrived on TikTok — because it was only a matter of time. To celebrate the show's fourth season, Netflix enlisted TikTokers Brooke Blewitt and Jess Qualter to choreograph a routine set to the ominous "Stranger Things" theme song, and it's catchy enough to break Vecna's curse. The duo brought the same casual outfits, laidback energy, and in-sync moves they served up in their viral dance to Louis Theroux's "Jiggle Jiggle" rap earlier this year.

Wearing sweatpants, sweatshirts, and sunglasses, Blewitt and Qualter kick off the routine by dramatically turning to face the camera and executing a move that mimics an exaggerated heartbeat as the synth-heavy music begins. When Netflix shared their joint creation on TikTok on May 30, just a few days after "Stranger Things" volume one dropped, fans flooded the video with funny comments. "Nancy and Robin in the upside down," one follower wrote, while another added, "I'm doing this everytime the intro plays now." Honestly, same. Check out the best videos to come from the dance challenge ahead, and get ready to perform the moves at home once season four's final two episodes arrive on July 1.