Are the Cast of "The Summer I Turned Pretty" Really Teenagers?

Jenny Han's highly acclaimed Summer series, which starts with "The Summer I Turned Pretty," is being adapted into a TV series that's set to hit Amazon Prime on June 17. The show revolves around the adventures and experiences of main character Isabel "Belly" Conklin during the formative summers of her adolescence at Cousins Beach.

"The Summer I Turned Pretty" follows Isabel — along with her mom; her mom's best friend, Susannah Fisher; and Susannah's two sons, Conrad and Jeremiah — as they navigate life and romance during their summers at the beach. The cast of the series feature a handful of talented fresh faces, but how old are the young cast members of the show? Are they actually high schoolers?

Here's how close in age the actors of "The Summer I Turned Pretty" are compared to their characters in the series.

How Old Is Lola Tung, aka Isabel "Belly" Conklin? 19 years old

In the series, Lola Tung plays Belly Conklin, who is around 16 years old. In real life, she is 19 and a student at Carnegie Mellon University, according to WhoWhatWear.

How Old Is Christopher Briney, aka Conrad Fisher? Early 20s
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How Old Is Christopher Briney, aka Conrad Fisher? Early 20s

Rising actor Christopher Briney plays 17-year-old Conrad Fisher. Briney graduated from Pace University in May 2020, which means he's around his early 20s.

How Old Is Gavin Casalegno, aka Jeremiah Fisher? 22 years old

Gavin Casalegno is 22 years old, according to his interview with V Magazine in May 2022. His character, Jeremiah, is 16 years old.

How Old Is Sean Kaufman, aka Steven Conklin? Early 20s

The role of Steven, Belly's older brother, is played by Sean Kaufman, who graduated from the State University of New York at Purchase in 2022, according to his résumé. The actor is in his early 20s, but in the show, Steven is around 18 years old.

How Old Is David Iacono, aka Cam? Early 20s

One of Belly's love interests, Cam, is 16 years old in "The Summer I Turned Pretty." According to an interview with Pop Culturalist, actor David Iacono graduated from LaGuardia High School in 2020, which means he's around his early 20s.

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