Watch Taylor Hawkins's Son Pay Tribute to the Late Drummer With Spirited "My Hero" Cover

Taylor Hawkins's legacy lives on. The drummer's son, Shane Hawkins, performed a spirited cover of Foo Fighters' "My Hero" at a Laguna Beach, CA, block party for the Fourth of July, and videos of the tribute are now surfacing on TikTok. This comes months after the longtime Foo Fighters band member died on March 25 at age 50. "When Taylor Hawkins' son gets on the drums and dedicates the song 'My Hero' to his dad," the TikTok caption read. "The hawk would've been proud."

Shane played drums for local band The Alive, although he is not a permanent member of the group. He'd previously performed with his talented dad on a number of occasions; in 2018, when he was just 11 years old, he joined Taylor and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl on stage to perform "Miss You" by The Rolling Stones at a Los Angeles Regional Food Bank benefit concert.

It seems The Alive — consisting of Manoa Neukermans, Kai Neukermans, and Bastian Evans — had also been taken under Taylor's wing, and the young band opened for Foo Fighters at Lollapalooza Chile in early March, shortly before Taylor's passing. Following the news, The Alive wrote on Instagram, "We are beyond heartbroken." Watch the band honor Taylor ahead.