Taylor Tomlinson Perfectly Describes Being a 20-Something in Quarter-Life Crisis Netflix Special

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At 26 years old, Taylor Tomlinson is already so over her 20s. In the trailer for her new Netflix special, Quarter-Life Crisis, the comedian starts off by bluntly saying, "I am halfway through my 20s and I am done with this sh*t," and honestly, we get it. Once you get past 25, the ability to legally drink or even rent a car all by yourself loses the same charm it had when you were 18. Now, all we really want to do is go to bed early and hope our friends cancel our weekend plans to go out.

Following her Netflix debut on The Comedy Lineup: Part 1 in 2018, Tomlinson's new special focuses on things like working on yourself, dating, and how, contrary to popular belief, your 20s are not "the best years of your life." Watch the funny trailer above before the special hits Netflix on March 3.