Tim Allen's Santa Is Looking For a Successor in "The Santa Clauses" Trailer

Tim Allen is back as Santa Claus — and just like Viserys on "House of the Dragon" and Logan Roy on "Succession," he's on the hunt for an heir. Allen's character, Scott Calvin, is returning to put on the red suit in the forthcoming series "The Santa Clauses," and the show looks like it has enough Christmas cheer and charm to please old and new fans.

Allen first took on the role of Calvin in the 1994 movie "The Santa Clause," endearing himself to fans by portraying a regular guy forced to take on the role of Santa Claus in order to save Christmas. That was followed by a sequel, "The Santa Clause 2," and a third movie, "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause." Now, the classic Christmas franchise is getting a TV twist.

Read on to find out everything we know about the series.

"The Santa Clauses" Plot

"The Santa Clauses" finds Allen's Calvin preparing to retire and looking for a replacement Santa. According to the official synopsis, "After nearly three decades of being Santa Claus, Scott Calvin's magic begins to falter. As he struggles to keep up with the demands of the job, Scott discovers a new clause that forces him to re-think his role as Santa and as a father."

Calvin also seems to be grappling with the fact that many of the kids he delivered gifts to as Santa have lost faith in the magic of the holiday season over the years. But when a threat emerges, it looks like he'll be once again tasked with saving Christmas from destruction.

"The Santa Clauses" Cast

Allen will play Calvin as Santa, and Elizabeth Mitchell will return as Mrs. Claus. David Krumholtz will also reprise his role as the elf Bernard. Meanwhile, Allen's 13-year-old real-life daughter, Elizabeth, plays Calvin's daughter, Sandra.

"The Santa Clauses" Release Date

The first two episodes of "The Santa Clauses" will premiere on Disney+ on Nov. 16.

"The Santa Clauses" Trailer

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