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Tina Fey Quizzes Mariah Carey on Her Mean Girls IQ | Video

Four For You, Glen Coco! Mariah Carey Absolutely Nailed Tina Fey's Mean Girls Trivia Quiz

Mariah Carey isn't a regular Mean Girls fan — she's the Mean Girls fan. To put her love for the iconic 2004 movie to the test, Tina Fey — aka Ms. Norbury and the screenwriter of the film — recently quizzed Carey on some of the most hilarious moments from the film, and she got Every. Single. Question. correct! "When the movie was first released, I watched it, literally, every night," Carey admitted in the Billboard video. "[Now,] my daughter's obsessed with it."

Not only is Carey a fan of the film, but she also showed up wearing her own initial necklace, just like the one Regina and Cady wear throughout the film. The quiz itself consisted of three "fetch" rounds — including "True or False," "General Trivia," and "Quotes From the Film" — all of which she absolutely nailed. Carey even did a spot-on impression of Gretchen Wieners bragging about her dad's Toaster Strudel career and pointed out that a poster from her Rainbow days makes a cameo in the movie.

Watch the full video to hear what Carey was like in high school and to learn more about Carey's potential cameo in the upcoming Mean Girls: The Musical movie adaptation.

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