11 Shows and Movies to Add to Your Streaming List Once You've Finished Cheer

After watching season two of Cheer, you may be itching for other movies and shows that take you behind the scenes of what it really takes to win competitions and championships and to fall in love with new teams and coaches who are trying to do right by their community. Maybe you just want to learn more about how athletes stay on top of their game mentally and physically. How about watching the way athletics bring together communities across the country? With these 11 shows and movies, we're here to fill that Cheer-shaped hole in your heart.

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Last Chance U

Last Chance U also takes an inside look into the world of junior college athletics. For many of the players, it's their "last chance" to impress a D1 football program in hopes of getting a full scholarship that will allow them to play at the next level. Plus, Brittany Wagner is basically a real-life Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights.

Watch Last Chance U on Netflix.

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Marching Orders

Ever seen what it takes to get into an HBCU marching band? Just like in Cheer, these college musicians at Bethune-Cookman University have to stay on beat to earn their spot to perform for one of the top-ranked programs in the country.

Watch Marching Orders on Netflix.

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Basketball or Nothing

This series that follows the Chinle High basketball team from Arizona's Navajo Nation not only shows a team's mission to win a championship, but also highlights the lives of the Indigenous teens on the team along with their families and their community.

Watch Basketball or Nothing on Netflix.

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QB1: Beyond the Lights

This is the second of three football docuseries on this list. Sorry, but they're just that good. QB1 follows three high-school football players who are destined to play D1 college football for the country's best programs. All eyes are on these teens to be leaders on their teams and in their hometowns.

Watch QB1: Beyond the Lights on Netflix.

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Curious about the world of combat sports? This docuseries from Frank Grillo takes you all around the globe to learn about the different styles of fighting and fight cultures as they pertain to different groups.

Watch Fightworld on Netflix.

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Want to learn more about the athlete mentality? This documentary focuses on the psychology behind dealing with failure, and how it has made these competitors stronger in the long run. Get a new perspective on what it really means to be a loser.

Watch Losers on Netflix.

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United Skates

This one is a dive into the subculture of roller skating in Black communities. This extremely cool documentary shows the beauty and skill of skating and how much it means to people all across the country, while tying it to the experience of being Black in America.

Watch United Skates on HBO Now.

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To Be a Miss

This is no Miss Congeniality. To Be a Miss shows all that it takes to have a chance at the Miss Venezuela title. Get ready to go behind the scenes in the Venezuela industry that molds girls into contestants in a country known for its international pageant winners.

Watch To Be a Miss on Amazon.

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Warriors of Liberty City

The age groups might be much younger, but that doesn't mean the sport is any less serious. A football program in a Miami neighborhood deeply affected by crime produces some of the most successful players in the country.

Watch Warriors of Liberty City on Amazon.

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UConn: The March to Madness

UConn is the best women's basketball team in the NCAA, and in this docuseries, they're in pursuit of their fifth (!!) championship title in a row. UConn: The March to Madness might even exhaust you when you see the hard work and high expectations of this basketball program.

Watch UConn: The March to Madness on Amazon.

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Cheer Squad

Much like Cheer, this reality series follows a competitive cheerleading squad on their road to the world championship finals. But, this time, it's the Canadian cheer squad, the Great White Sharks. If you're looking for a quick watch, this is the perfect show because there's only one 10-episode season that'll have you glued to your screen.

Watch Cheer Squad on Netflix.