Beyoncé Fully Approves of Tyler Perry Spoofing Her Iconic Coachella Performance

If you've seen Tyler Perry's "A Madea: Homecoming," then you already know that the award-winning filmmaker hilariously spoofs Beyoncé's 2018 Coachella performance. In the final moments of the film, which is currently streaming on Netflix, Perry fully transforms into the 28-time Grammy-winning superstar, donning a replica of the yellow, embroidered Beta Delta Kappa sweatshirt, short shorts, and fringed boots worn by Beyoncé during her iconic performance.

In a recent interview with "Entertainment Tonight," Perry shared that all the divas he spoofed, including Adele and Mary J. Blige, approve of the parodies. "Beyoncé and I talked, yes. I have heard from Adele," he says in the clip. "All of them love it, man, they just think it's hilarious. They thought it was hilarious that I spoofed all over them. [Beyoncé] sent me this text that is just saying, 'D E A D.'" Watch the official trailer for "A Madea Homecoming" below!

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