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Watch James Corden's The Masked Singer Skit

Watch James Corden and Josh Gad Prove Why They'd Be the Worst Judges on The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer would probably be a completely different show if James Corden and Josh Gad were on the judges panel. In a new sketch for The Late Late Show, the actors play judges who were fired from the singing competition before it even aired, because apparently they're just that bad at guessing.

To prove this point, they enlisted the help of American Idol alum Adam Lambert, who brought his very distinct vocals to the stage to sing snippets of Queen's "Somebody to Love" and "Don't Stop Me Now" only for them to incorrectly guess his identity a dozen times. They managed to name almost every celebrity under the sun, from LeBron James to Peter Dinklage to all five Stranger Things kids, before Lambert, rightfully exhausted, finally unmasked himself and revealed his identity.

So yeah, Corden probably wouldn't be the best TV judge, but at least he'll always have his late-night show.

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