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Watch Jhené Aiko and Big Sean's "None of Your Concern" Video

Jhené Aiko Seems to Reference Ariana Grande in Breakup Single Featuring Her Ex Big Sean

We all have our ways of dealing with bad breakups, but Jhené Aiko and Big Sean are switching things up. The frequent collaborators teamed up for Aiko's latest single, "None of Your Concern," a scathing breakup track that mostly features Aiko singing through the trials and tribulations of a relationship gone sour. "I was traumatized and suicidal, I'm sick and tired, I am not to blame / Once I felt the wave and not today, I'm not afraid," she sings. "Now I can say / Get your b*tch ass off of my phone, please leave me alone / I am not your girl anymore, you need to watch your tone."

Despite breaking up sometime around December 2018, the two have remained close friends, with Aiko appearing on Big Sean's "Single Again," released back in July. But things might not have been 100 percent amicable, as the singer seemingly references the rapper's reunion with another of his exes, Ariana Grande, shortly after his breakup with Aiko.

"I've been hearing things and seeing things and so it seems you movin' on from me," Aiko sings. "Of course, you on the scene with little miss thing, and trust me she really don't want beef." But the singer quickly follows that up by letting her ex know, "It don't even hurt anymore," which appears to be the truth, since the two obviously don't mind working together!

When Big Sean does appear in the visually tranquil music video, he raps about trying to keep away from his estranged lover but finding it hard to watch her move on. "You know there's not a day in these modern times, you haven't crossed my mind / We both cross the line, seems like I needed you more than I needed myself," the rapper reveals.

For a song about moving on, there's a lot of implications that the very opposite is going on. This is either the healthiest way to cope with a breakup or a very emotionally invested ruse to secure the bag. Either way, it's none of our concern!

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