Kelly Clarkson Makes Her Dream Come True in This Stripped-Down Duet With Cyndi Lauper

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There's something about two musical greats getting together for a duet that makes any day ten times brighter. That's exactly what happened when Cyndi Lauper stopped by the The Kelly Clarkson Show — along with her dulcimer — and performed an ultrasoothing duet with the daytime host herself. Unlike Clarkson's usual brand of spirited "Kellyoke" covers, the performance was a much more stripped-down and intimate take on Lauper's "True Colors" from her 1986 album. But the different energy perfectly suited the cover, with both singers harmonizing beautifully as they sang the chorus together.

"That was like a dream come true for me, thank you," Clarkson told Lauper after their duet. We never even thought to imagine such a pairing would ever happen, but same! Watch Clarkson and Lauper perform alongside The Conners star Sara Gilbert above, and then check out Clarkson's recent duet with Ben Platt that we're still not over.