Nate and Maddy's Relationship on Euphoria Gets Scarier With Every Episode

Warning: spoilers ahead for Euphoria!

We need to talk about what happened between Nate and Maddy on Euphoria this week. Let's be honest: there aren't a lot of healthy relationships on this show. For the most part, everyone has dark secrets and unhealthy dependencies, which isn't exactly conducive to strong friendships or romances. We've been suspicious of Nate for a while now, thanks to his unsettling mutual-blackmail relationship with Jules, but his relationship with Maddy just keeps getting more troubling too.

In episode four, Maddy shows up at the carnival dressed in a very sexy outfit, which angers Nate immediately. He yells at her that his parents already don't like her and that she needs to go home and change into a more conservative outfit. Instead, she buys molly off of Fezco with Cassie and ends up confiding in her friend that she found some disturbing stuff (aka d*ck pics) on Nate's phone. Still high, Maddy confronts Nate's mother, only to get marched off by Nate, who berates her, tries to break up with her, and chokes her up against a trailer. He only stops when she reveals she knows about the pictures on his phone, and with that, he pulls a 180, telling her that it's "complicated" and that he loves her, turning the moment around so that she's comforting him.

All of that is still in play in the most recent episode, where Maddy's bruises have been discovered when she passes out in class from not eating. The cops are called and, although Maddy resists, the cops take photos of her bruises and suspect Nate of the abuse. Nate, of course, lies to his parents and to the police. He swears that he didn't hurt Maddy and mentions that she was doing drugs the night of the carnival and might have been with another guy while she was high. After ignoring dozens of her texts, Nate finally texts Maddy to meet him at a motel (the same one his father uses for his creepy encounters). She does and just falls right into his arms as soon as she gets there.

It's clear that the relationship between Nate and Maddy is toxic and getting progressively more so, yet they just can't seem to stay away from each other. That seems like a recipe for disaster and high drama, which we're sure we'll see more of in the remaining episodes this season — and the newly ordered second season too!