What I'm Listening to This Week: Gallant, Chloe x Halle, Fletcher, and a Few More

You probably need some songs for your Fourth of July playlist, so I've got you. In this edition of What I'm Listening to This Week, you'll find more songs than usual — that's because there is a long holiday weekend and Mercury retrograde on the way, and I just didn't see the point in narrowing down. Ahead of Independence Day, I've been blasting Bea Miller (again and always), Fletcher (you must see her live), and a new song from Gallant that I'm pretty sure is about me. Here's what you should slam the play button on this week and why.

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"Feel Something" by Bea Miller

I've been spreading the gospel of Bea Miller since roughly 2016 (and have featured her here before), so naturally I could not be more in love with her latest single. The beat is perfect for a chill or party mix, and the introspective lyrics about falling in love will have you playing it on repeat.

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"Do You" by Elle Winter

Elle Winter is a 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and actress whose latest song hit my inbox at the perfect time. I've never been able to resist a song about doing my own thing, and "Do You" is a nice addition to that list.

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"About You" by Fletcher

I was lucky enough to see Fletcher perform at Bud Light's Dive Bar Tour stop in San Francisco during Pride weekend, and after witnessing the 25-year-old singer live, I'm officially a fan. I enjoyed her single "Undrunk" earlier this year, but "About You" just hits different.

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"Sharpest Edges" by Gallant

I've never dated Maryland singer Gallant (as far as I know), so I have to assume that he colluded with at least two of my exes to write this song about me. Regardless of how close it hits to home, "Sharpest Edges" slaps — so thank you to whomever is behind it.

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"Anxious" by Austin Mahone

Hello, Summer BBQ bop! I definitely thought this was a Janelle Monáe song when it first started (and then I was sort of hoping it Justin Timberlake?) so you can imagine my surprise once I realized it was actually Gen-Z heartthrob Austin Mahone. It's a great little pop song about that electric feeling you get when hanging out with a new crush, and is perfect for your day-drinking playlist.

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"Who Knew" by Chloe x Halle

This song is such a dream — but then again, when you've been anointed by Beyoncé in the way Chloe and Halle Bailey have, you can't really fail. The singing sisters' latest single is an ode to falling in love with someone who isn't necessarily your type. I especially love the lyric, "Though we're two different drums, we're moving in sync."