Netflix's Too Hot to Handle Will Replace Love Is Blind as Your New Reality TV Obsession

If you've already binged all of Love Is Blind and are looking for your new reality TV obsession, then we have good news for you. Too Hot to Handle, Netflix's latest reality dating series, shares a lot of similarities with Love Is Blind, as it features young singles looking for love who — before they can engage in any kind of physical intimacy — must get to know one another on a deeper level. However, rather than keeping those contestants in pods, the singles on Too Hot to Handle will all be able to see and interact with one another . . . but they still can't touch.

Coming from all around the world, the 10 participants on the show live together in a luxurious villa on a tropical island (which is a major step up from a pod). While the premise may sound a lot like Bachelor in Paradise and Love Island, there's a major distinction. On Too Hot to Handle, the contestants — who are all terribly resistant to the idea of commitment — compete to win a $100,000 prize, and in order to win, the players must resist getting physical with the other singles. And by physical, they don't just mean sex — they mean no kissing, cuddling, or even any hand-holding. Whenever a player breaks that rule, the prize money dwindles for everyone, and we can already smell the drama.

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Netflix has yet to release a trailer or any information about the cast for the series, and it's also not clear whether marriage is the end goal or whether contestants will get eliminated over time. We're not even sure where in the world this "luxury no-bone zone" (as Netflix refers to it) is located. We'll just have to wait until Too Hot to Handle premieres April 17 on Netflix to get some answers!