The Devil Next Door: Netflix's New Documentary Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

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How well do you know your neighbor? Like, really know them? In Netflix's upcoming documentary series The Devil Next Door, the question turns out to be more ominous than usual.

Directed and produced by Daniel Sivan and Yossi Bloch, the five-episode docuseries explores the true story of retired Ukrainian-American autoworker John Demjanuk, who was living the ordinary life of the average family man in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife and kids in the 1980s. But, when a group of Holocaust survivors recognize a photograph of him and later identify him as "Ivan the Terrible" — a Nazi death camp guard responsible for the vicious torture and deaths of nearly one million Jewish prisoners in World War II — his reinvention of himself through the American dream comes to an abrupt end.

Over the course of the series, Demjanjukis is extradited to Israel to stand trial in Jerusalem for crimes against humanity in a case that transfixes the nation. Watch the trailer for The Devil Next Door above before it begins streaming on Nov. 4.