Pharrell Williams Is Headed Back to His Hometown For Netflix's Voices of Fire

Pharrell Williams may not be on The Voice anymore, but he's back on music-focused TV with Voices of Fire, an original Netflix reality show that's set in his own hometown. The Grammy-winning star is the leading voice behind the new reality series, which puts a different spin on the music competition format by focusing on forming a gospel choir rather than creating pop stars.

According to a Deadline announcement, Voices of Fire takes place in Hampton Roads, Virginia, where "a core team of influential gospel leaders . . . venture out into Hampton Roads, Virginia to find undiscovered talent. With the belief that diverse backstories can give their collective voice a greater meaning, the Bishop and his team will be searching for people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds." The series features Williams's uncle, Bishop Ezekiel Williams, as the leader of this team of church and community leaders seeking singers to build an extraordinary choir.

The docuseries is produced by Williams, who also appears in the show as the team searches for unique and diverse voices. Netflix hasn't offered up details of the exact format of the series — that is, whether it will be more of a typical reality singing competition show or more of a docuseries focused on the journey of putting the choir together. Netflix has spent a lot of time building its reality TV library in the past couple of years, with music shows like Rhythm & Flow joining the familiar library of dating shows like Love Is Blind, Love on the Spectrum, and Say I Do.

This isn't Williams's only music-related project with Netflix, either. Back in July, when Voices of Fire was first announced, Variety also reported that Williams is developing a musical movie about Juneteenth, collaborating with Kenya Barris on this film project as well as on a related stage musical. Further information about those projects hasn't been announced, but we're definitely intrigued to see it! In the meantime, Voices of Fire will arrive on Netflix on Nov. 20.