Wondering Where Netflix's Work It Was Filmed? Not North Carolina, We'll Tell You That Much

Starring Sabrina Carpenter, Jordan Fisher, and Liza Koshy, Netflix's latest coming-of-age dance movie Work It takes place in North Carolina. As Quinn Ackerman (Carpenter) dances her way to get into the college of her dreams, we catch glimpses of the city, suburban neighborhoods, and Duke University (or what appears to be the private institution, anyway). Fun fact: Work It wasn't actually shot in North Carolina. Instead, it was filmed in Toronto and Los Angeles.

When production officially began in July 2019, it kicked off in Canada. The cast also shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram featuring the Toronto geotag.

As for the campus scenes in the film, a lot of those were later filmed at California State University, Northridge. The college posted the trailer on their Facebook page, asking students if they could spot the school's beautiful campus.

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