Apparently Beanie Feldstein Is Grey's Anatomy's New Intern, and She's an Instant Favorite

If you thought Beanie Feldstein would stick to stealing our hearts on the big screen, you're wrong. Grey's Anatomy fans are getting a surprise visit from the Booksmart actress starting with the show's Feb. 27 episode, where Feldstein guest stars as a new intern. Though ABC hasn't revealed anything about Feldstein's character aside from the sneak peek released on the show's Twitter page, we're crossing our fingers that she'll be around for more than Thursday night's blizzard-themed crossover event with Station 19.

In the short clip posted on Twitter, Feldstein's character introduces herself to Dr. Webber as "Desmond. Tess Desmond." She approaches the surgeon as he's practicing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy (which is a gallbladder removal, for anyone who didn't want to Google that themselves) and asks why he's practicing since he's likely done the surgery "like a million times." When Webber responds that he's only an expert because he practices, the young intern is suitably in awe, noting that she can't understand why residents treat "the greatest job in the planet" like it's retail. (Which can also be an emotionally draining occupation, just in a different way!)

Webber seems to appreciate Tess's comments, because he switches places with her and has her show off her skills. We get it, Webber, we also love a woman with ambition! Watch the clip above, and let's hope we'll see more of Feldstein as Tess as the season continues.