Kelley Seems to Already Have a Leg Up in the Bachelor Competition — Here's What We Know

The Bachelor premiered on Monday night, and it turns out Peter Weber may have gotten cozy with one of his contestants before the show even started filming. Kelley Flanagan met Peter in a hotel lobby where she was attending a wedding while he was attending his high school reunion. The pair met and even shared a dance, according to Monday night's premiere.

During the first group date of the season, Kelley stole the show and won extra time with Peter. While some may say she cheated, she completed an obstacle course that involved things like spinning in a chair, walking through a windstorm, finding an airplane ticket, and changing into a copilot uniform to get a plane ride alone with Peter. Peter even told Kelley that on the night they met, he felt a spark. Here's what to know about this early favorite!

How Old Is Kelley Flanagan?

Kelley is 27 years old and surprisingly is one of the older contestants on the show this season.

Where Is Kelley Flanagan From?

Kelley is from Chicago but also spent time living in Alabama.

Is Kelley Close to Her Family?

Since Peter expressed throughout The Bachelor's premiere that family is very important to him, we've seen him gravitate to women who are close with their parents and siblings. Fortunately for Kelley, she has a very close bond with her siblings (pictured here) and works for her father. Based on her introduction during the premiere, it looks like Kelley has a very tight-knit family.

Where Did Kelley Flanagan Go to School?

Kelley graduated in 2017 from Chicago-Kent College of Law. She now works for her father's law firm as an attorney, along with her siblings.

What Is Kelley Flanagan Allergic To?

According to her Bachelor bio, Kelley is allergic to gluten, dairy, and black tea. We wish her the best of luck avoiding all of that in the Bachelor mansion!

Where Has Kelley Flanagan Traveled To?

Kelley seems to prioritize traveling as she has been to 26 countries, according to her Bachelor bio. Her Instagram is packed with pictures from trips to Europe and Asia.