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Who Is on The Masked Singer Season 4? Theories

The Masked Singer: Look Back on All the Popular Theories About Who Was Behind Each Mask

Who Is on The Masked Singer Season 4? Theories
Image Source: Fox

The Masked Singer season four went out with a bang on Dec. 16. During the season finale, we finally got to learn which celebrities were behind the Crocodile, the Mushroom, and the Sun masks. This season certainly had some of the wackiest costumes, but it was the talented singers that really blew us away. Seriously, the competition was fierce. Of course, the best part of the show is trying to guess which celebrities and popular figures are behind the masks. While the judges always have some smart guesses, we also had a few theories of our own. Keep reading for a breakdown of our best guesses, as well as the official guide for who was behind each mask.

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