Our Favorite Part of Love Island Might Just Be Announcer Matthew Hoffman

Solid narration can make a great series that much better (see: Jane the Virgin), a fact that the creators of Love Island — CBS's most scandalous, summer show — are well aware of. Following in the footsteps of Love Island UK announcer Iain Stirling (whose Scottish accent and good-humored jabs at the reality show's contestants often leave viewers in stitches), television host Matthew Hoffman is serving as the self-proclaimed "Voice of Love Island" this summer — and half of the internet is already wishing Hoffman could narrate their own lives. Before we invite his charming commentary into our own romantic entanglements, though, we should probably get to know Hoffman a bit better: who is Matthew Hoffman, really? Let's find out.

He's No Stranger to the Stars

The ever-charming host of Regal Cinema's Sit Down With the Stars, Hoffman's interviewed every celebrity under the sun, from Emily Blunt to Denzel Washington (seriously, his Instagram feed is like Where's Waldo? on the Hollywood Walk of Fame). He's also made appearances on ABC's People's List, served as a special correspondent for Extra, and moderated Focus Features' You Know That Scene series. Catch him making all of your favorite actors giggle in his full hosting reel.

He Had a Pretty Star-Studded Childhood, Too

Long before he settled into the interviewer's seat, Hoffman was rubbing shoulders (and performing duets?!) with some pretty big names in showbiz. As he shared with Focus Features last Fall, Hoffman played a young Scrooge in A Christmas Carol at Madison Square Garden as a tot, with Jesse Eisenberg serving as his understudy. Later on, he attended the Tony Awards with a friend (who also happened to be Anna Wintour's daughter, because, of course), and host Hugh Jackman pulled him on stage for "an impromptu duet." Can you imagine?

He's Philanthropic

Not long after moving to LA, Hoffman launched a weekly volunteer program and mini film series he calls "Tuesdays With Matthew," in which he dresses, directs, and films senior citizens — or "SCENE-iors," as he calls them — in reenactments of classic films. In his words, "Tuesdays With Matthew" is designed to "make the SCENE-iors feel like Movie Stars, and use TWM as a vehicle to raise money for Meals On Wheels." Hoffman's raised thousands of dollars for the organization to date, and made many a Californian senior feel like a true thespian in the process.

For now, Hoffman's taking that flair for the dramatic to Las Vegas — hear his honeyed voice detailing the islanders' love lives on Love Island.