Here's Why It's a Big Deal That Onyeka Left Bachelor in Paradise on Her Own Terms

Onyeka Ehie's time on Bachelor in Paradise has come to an end. After the 25-year-old consultant from Texas struggled to form a connection with the men in Mexico, she decided to not give out a rose and send herself home. Onyeka's time on Paradise has not been easy, but it was this week's rose ceremony that had Bachelor Nation and her fellow contestants applauding her decision and turning their noses up at someone else's.

After Caelynn paired off with Dean, Cam decided the best way to continue his stay on the show was to pursue Onyeka, but the way he went about this was injudicious and straight-up rude. Prior to the rose ceremony on Monday night's episode of Paradise, Cam told Onyeka that the other men were not interested in her as a way for him to secure her rose. Instead, Onyeka decided to not settle for Cam and to choose herself, and we absolutely respect that.

For a show that puts so much pressure on forming connections with whoever walks down the stairs, Onyeka wasn't going to wait around to see who comes next or, like some people were saying on Twitter, take advantage of another week on vacation in Mexico. She chose herself. None of the guys who went home made a genuine effort to get to know her and secure her rose, so why would she give them the opportunity to stay in Paradise either? It was a smart, mature decision, and we can tell that it wasn't an easy one for her to make.

As the rose ceremony started, a teary-eyed Onyeka asked host Chris Harrison if she could say something. "So, I came here with the highest expectations. I really wanted to meet someone here, and I've been pretty unhappy here, and it's been for a while," she said to the group. "I can't give out a rose to anyone tonight, and I'm really sorry." Ahead, see how Bachelor Nation expressed how much they respect Onyeka's decision to leave.