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Is Dancing With the Stars Canceled?

No, "Dancing With The Stars" Isn't Canceled


"Dancing With the Stars" has been on our screens for 30 seasons at this point. Yes, you read that number right. For the past 16 years, ABC has played host to the popular dance competition that has crowned winners including Hannah Brown, Adam Rippon, Jordan Fisher, and Nyle DiMarco. It seems like everyone and their mothers have been on the show at this point, yet the network keeps finding more people to compete. For seasons 31 and 32, though, the show is moving off of ABC and onto Disney+.

Why is "Dancing With the Stars" Leaving ABC?

In a unique move, Disney — the parent company to ABC — made the decision to move "Dancing With the Stars" to the streaming service, making it the first live show to air on Disney+, Deadline reported. The announcement also stated the reason for the big change: football. "After over 30 seasons of the program on ABC, including two spin-offs, 'Dancing with the Stars' will move off of ABC this fall in order for the Network to showcase several Monday Night Football games as well as develop and invest in new and future programming," an announcement to ABC's affiliates read (via Deadline).

So what does this mean for "DWTS" fans? Well, if you want to keep watching the show, you'll have to subscribe to Disney+ now. When season 31 returns this fall, it'll only be available to stream on Disney+, and it'll still be live. So from the sound of it, you'll still be watching it at the time you know and love — unless Disney changes that, too — but it'll just be in a different place. Moving it to Disney+ also means it'll be easier to rewatch it after the original airing or to watch it later if you miss it. That's the beauty of streaming services.

So don't worry, dance fans, the show's not canceled — it's just shifting to a new home. There are still more mirror ball trophies to give away!

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