Grey's Anatomy: 3 Reasons the Love Between Link and Amelia Is Going to Last

Things are heating up between Link and Amelia on Grey's Anatomy. As a devoted fan who has never missed an episode, I'll admit I never saw this coming — mainly because "the Ortho God" was courting Meredith so hard. But, I am loving the chemistry between Link and (oops!) Mer's sister-in-law. I know I'm not alone when I say that I thought Amelia's love life was dead post-Owen. The still-brilliant brain surgeon had become so mopey, but, thankfully, Link is bringing out the adorable, flirty side of her that we all missed seeing. Her storyline has been so dark lately, focusing on her ongoing struggle with addiction, and her loss of Betty, then Owen, and then baby Leo. All hail the amazing writers of Grey's for infusing some light and fun back into Amelia! Here's why we need to keep this romance going:

Link was passed over, and so was Amelia, kind of.

Meredith chose DeLuca over Link, and that had to hurt. Meanwhile, Owen picked Amelia over Teddy, who is carrying his baby, but let's face it: he's still hung up on Teddy. So, Amelia dumped him. Again. But now, since both Link and Amelia were third wheels in their love triangles, fans are rooting for them to find happiness of their own! Together. With lots of break-room (or the new blue room) sex, that we get to see.

The doctors have so much in common!

Obviously, Amelia and Link are both extremely good-looking, have eyes that sparkle, and perfect teeth and jawlines, while being talented surgeons with impressive résumés. But digging deeper, both characters have difficult pasts. Link suffered from childhood cancer, while Amelia lost her partner to addiction. She also battles the illness, and continues to grapple with the loss of her baby. Perhaps the duo can bond over their shared struggles.

They're already married. OK, not really.

On Episode 21, "Good Shepherd," Amelia lies to her family in New York, telling them Link is her husband. Er, Owen. Unsurprisingly, dinner with Amelia's sisters is awkward. It's also really sweet when Link sticks up for Amelia when sister Liz goes on attack. Then Amelia's mom (Tyne Daly) shows up, and things get even more interesting. No worries; this just gives Link more of an opportunity to prove to Amelia how he feels about her. Hint: he thinks she's beautiful, funny, strong, talented, and authentic. Swoon! Here's hoping Amelia doesn't bolt because she's afraid Link might actually get to know her, because as Daly tells her TV daughter, she is worthy of love!

Bottom link, er, line: This is the most exciting new couple at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Second runner up: Teddy and Koracick, incidentally. How cute are those two? But, I hope the still-developing couple of Link and Amelia doesn't feel they have to hide their romance like Mer and Derek did back in the day. Oh, and I hope Owen doesn't suddenly realize he loves Amelia after his baby is born, and he can finally reconcile his feelings for Teddy. Sigh. As long as the writers don't leave us with a major cliffhanger involving Amelia and Link's love status at the end of this season, I can go on!