Taika Waititi Confirms Korg Will Appear in Thor: Love and Thunder (Sadly, Doug Is Still Dead)

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Taika Waititi is slowly but surely piecing the major parts of Thor: Love and Thunder together, from Natalie Portman's unexpected (but incredibly exciting!) role as The Mighty Thor to explicitly making Valkyrie the first LGBTQ+ superhero. And now, thanks to the JoJo Rabbit director's recent chat with Jimmy Kimmel, we know another highly important piece of information about the next Thor film: Korg is coming back, baby!

In Thor: Ragnarok, which he also directed, Waititi voiced the hulking rock-like Kronan, who meets Thor on Sakaar within the ranks of the Grandmaster's gladiators. He's exceptionally odd for a character in the MCU but also one of the franchise's most hilarious. We last saw Korg in Avengers: Endgame, where he was fully wallowing with Thor (and sidekick Miek) as they played Fortnite against the evil NoobMaster69.

"My character is coming back, Korg," the director confirmed toward the end of his conversation with the late-night host. In response to the audience's immediate, loud cheers, the director used his Korg voice to say, "Thank you. Thank you so much for that reaction." So, when exactly will we be seeing Korg's return? An exact release date is still very much under wraps, but Waititi did reveal that he's "just finished a couple of drafts of that story" and that "There's more Thor!"

That's something we can all get behind. Watch the full, glorious interview above!