A Sequel to "Moonshot" Isn't Totally Out of the Realm of Possibility

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What's better than a rom-com? The upcoming HBO Max movie "Moonshot" seems to think the answer to that question is "a rom-com in space"! Starring Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor, the sci-fi rom-com follows two unlikely allies on a space shuttle to a Mars colony. It definitely sounds like the kind of world that could support a ton of stories, but if you're wondering whether a "Moonshot" sequel is in the works, it might be a while before we get answers.

There are at least a few behind-the-scenes factors that could make a sequel easier. According to Deadline, "Moonshot" is the second movie in a four-movie deal between production company Berlanti/Schechter Films and HBO Max.

The first movie in the deal, "Unpregnant," hit HBO Max in 2020. That still leaves two more movies to go to complete the deal, and there's really no reason one of those couldn't be a "Moonshot" sequel. This is, of course, if everyone involved decides that a sequel sounds like a good idea.

Like with most movies (and TV shows, for that matter), the question of whether or not a sequel ever happens really will rest heavily on how well the first one does. On the surface, it certainly seems like the kind of movie that would attract a decent-size audience. The two lead actors are both fast-rising stars thanks to roles in popular, young-adult-oriented franchises, and the supporting cast is filled with other recognizable names like Zach Braff, Mason Gooding, and Lukas Gage.

Unlike some of the other recent HBO Max movie releases, "Moonshot" is an HBO Max exclusive rather than a simultaneous streaming and theatrical release. This will make it a little harder for ordinary viewers to know how well it does right away. But rest assured that if a sequel does end up happening, we'll hear about it soon!