Yes, Please! Justin, Harper, and Mason From Wizards of Waverly Place Had a Magical Reunion

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If you've ever stepped into a subway shop around lunchtime and secretly wondered if a family of wizards lives upstairs, you probably grew up watching Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel. Eight years after the final Russo family battle, David Henrie (Justin Russo), Jennifer Stone (Harper Finkle), and Gregg Sulkin (Mason Greyback) reunited to quiz each other on some trivia from the show, and these questions are sending us right back to 2010.

In the video — which was posted to Sulkin's joint YouTube channel with fellow actor Cameron Fuller on Aug. 2 — Sulkin, Henrie, and Stone touched on some of the show's key episodes (the Shakira cameo) and most memorable spells while revealing some hilarious behind-the-scenes moments from the day filming wrapped. The reunion also included a fun TikTok snippet of the trio re-creating that crazy, funky, junky moment, and we couldn't help but sing along. Watch the full video to quiz yourself on your Wizards of Waverly Place knowledge and see how well the cast did here.