A '70s XXX Film Shoot Takes a Deadly Turn in A24's New Horror Flick

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A24's new horror flick X gives a whole new meaning to R-rated. The wild trailer from the studio arrived on Jan. 12, resembling a cross between '70s-set movie Boogie Nights and your classic slasher film. X, directed by Ti West, stars Mia Goth, Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi), Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, and Brittany Snow as a group of sleazy adult filmmakers who set out to make an XXX movie at a ranch in the middle of rural Texas.

"I need to be famous, Wayne. All the best people are," Goth's character says in the trailer. With their sights set on stardom, the group piles into their van and heads to their "studio backlot" for a place to make their movie. In the midst of their film shoot, they come across a strange, elderly couple clueless about their NSFW plans. That is, until they catch them in the act and wreak deadly havoc in this grisly, scary movie. X arrives in theaters on March 18. Watch the trailer above.