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YA Character Archetype Personality Quiz
Sources: Peacock and Shutterstock

Have you ever read a teen novel and wondered how your character would be written? Maybe you're the quiet kid with a complicated past. Or you might be the quirky friend who can chill with everyone. Enter One of Us Is Lying, a new TV show based on the New York Times bestselling novel of the same name that follows a group of high schoolers operating in different social circles. After five students walk into detention and only four walk out alive, everyone is left wondering what happened.

To gear up for the show's premiere, we're breaking down all of the classic high school personas that exist within the teen mystery genre. Whether you're the school's bad boy with something to hide or the Ivy League-bound overachiever with everything to lose, take the quiz below to discover which One of Us Is Lying character archetype best fits your personality. Then, catch the series premiere on Oct. 7, only on Peacock.

Image Sources: Peacock and Shutterstock

Choose the trait that best describes you:


In your free time, you like to:

What's your biggest character flaw?

You can't resist good gossip.
You're overly competitive.
You can't help but break the rules.
You don't always deal with issues in the healthiest way.
You're too indecisive.

What's your dream job?

What do you never leave home without?