Meet the Eat the Rich Killer, the New Serial Killer Giving Joe a Run For His Money in "You" Season 4

There's no shortage of crime and murder in "You" season four. But the first part of this season has been a surprising turn of events compared to the first three seasons. Instead of the usual stalking and killing in pursuit of his latest obsession that fans have come to expect from Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), there's a new serial killer in town who has become obsessed with figuring out Joe's true identity and taking down members of London's most elite young professionals. So who is this anonymous Eat the Rich Killer? Why did he take such an interest in Joe?

Who Is the Eat the Rich Killer?

This season, Joe has retreated to London to reinvent himself and start over as Professor Jonathan Moore. His neighbor and colleague at the university, Malcolm Harding (Stephen Hagan), introduces Joe to his small but elite circle of friends. In the first episode, Joe discovers Malcolm dead on his dining-room table after a wild night out. Joe has no recollection of this murder but reverts to his old ways of disposing of the body. Later in the episode, he receives a text from a "high-security chat app that erases everything you say" from the real killer, who's surprised by how Joe got rid of the body. They then tell Joe they're going to figure out Joe's identity while also working on a little project of their own.

The killer then murders another person from Joe's new public circle of friends, and the media dub them the "Eat the Rich Killer." Joe deduces that the Eat the Rich Killer might actually be someone within the group. He just doesn't know who.

After their third and final murder of part one of the season, the killer reveals themself in the last episode as Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers).

Who Is Rhys Montrose?

YOU, from left: Ed Speleers, Penn Badgley, 'Portrait of an Artist', (Season 4, ep. 402, aired Feb. 9, 2023). photo: Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Rhys Montrose is a famous author and London socialite who's particularly popular with everyday folks. One of Joe's students, Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), recommends his book to Joe. Rhys's book is a memoir about his rough childhood, being born into poverty and raised by a single mother before finding out his father is a duke who left him behind. Joe and Rhys seemingly connect a bit about not fitting in with their friends.

Why Does the Eat the Rich Killer Kill?

YOU, from left: Penn Badgley, Ed Speleers, Portrait of the Artist', (Season 4, ep. 402, aired Feb. 9, 2023). photo: Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

When Rhys confesses he is the Eat the Rich Killer, he says he wants to take down the aristocratic scum of London to make the world a better place.

What Is the Eat the Rich Killer's Plan?

While holding Joe hostage, Rhys asks Joe to work with him to help him continue his murder spree and give the Eat the Rich Killer more publicity, but is disappointed when Joe does not agree. He sets the room on fire and leaves Joe to die, but promises to find Joe and revisit his proposition if he manages to escape with his life.

We end part one of the season with The Eat the Rich Killer becoming a viral sensation, adding to the residents of London's angst. Joe escapes Rhys's fire, of course, and later watches a televised announcement from Rhys, where he shares his plans to run for mayor of London.

Part two of season four of "You" comes out on March 9. Now that we know who the killer is and his motives, we can likely expect more murders ahead. The question is, who will be next, and will Joe help him?