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3D Ultrasound Clinic Scam Gives Parents Identical Photos

3D Ultrasound Clinic Under Heat After 30 Parents Receive Identical Photos

What should be a joyful and momentous occasion has allegedly turned into an scheming opportunity for Canadian business BabyView Prenatal Imaging. The 3D ultrasound clinic in Pickering, Ontario, is under investigation for possibly distributing identical ultrasound images to visiting parents. One of the clients, Jenn Cusimano, posted her ultrasound on Facebook alongside another mother's ultrasound from the same clinic. According to her Facebook post, she was sharing photos with fellow moms in her baby group when they noticed that their ultrasounds appeared to be exactly the same. When confronting BabyView, the clinic offered a free session the next time they come in. "It was very evident they knew exactly what happened and were just beating around the bush," Jenn wrote.

Ten other parents came foward with replicas at the time of Jenn's recent Facebook post, and since then over 30 more have reached out to her. Moshina Adeelmir, owner of BabyView, told that the suspicious photos could be explained by a virus-caused computer glitch, and that affected parents are also entitled to a full refund or a free session. Jenn, along with several other scammed parents, is planning to take legal action for this "mix-up." Police are currently looking into the reports.

Although the real cause of the ultrasound duplicates has yet to be confirmed, a "computer glitch" seems like a very convenient story. Regardless of whether it was truly a technical error, we can't imagine how furious these parents must be.

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