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4-Year-Old Drummer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This 4-Year-Old Drummer Has More Talent Than I'll Have in My Entire Life, and I'm OK With This

I'm pretty sure when I was 4 years old, I did something very mature for my age — perhaps I pronounced a big word — and my parents excitedly told their friends about how talented I was or how great I'd become. I'd like to show them this video from a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in which 4-year-old Justin Wilson II wows the audience — and the world — when he plays Lenny Kravitz's hit "Fly Away" on the drums. He doesn't just play the drums; he owns them.

He's adorable, enthusiastic, and incredibly passionate about his craft. He tells Ellen he's been playing since he was 18 months old, which, according to him, is a very long time. I guess when you're only 4, that's not wrong.

We know one thing — we'll be keeping an eye out for Justin Wilson II, because he's definitely destined to be big!

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