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6-Year-Old Girl Gives Money to Homeless Man

What This 6-Year-Old Did For a Homeless Man Will Inspire You

Being selfless is something that many adults still strive to achieve daily. But this 6-year-old girl is a heartwarming reminder that kindhearted, selfless people exist — and they are the children we raise.

Norfolk, VA, mom Kenyatta Lewis posted a photo of her daughter holding hands with a man on the street. In the story behind the image, which has since gone viral, Kenyatta explained that her daughter spotted the man crying as they exited a store. Without hesitation, the young girl walked over to him and asked why he seemed unhappy. After he revealed that he was homeless, she proceeded to give him a few dollars and a drink from her own belongings and encouraged him to get something to eat. Kenyatta revealed that after talking to the man, she learned that he lost everything in a fire, including his family.

Her daughter's incredibly genuine act is not only a sweet reminder that kids carry judgment-free hearts, but it also makes us hopeful that as they are nurtured into teens and adults, they will be the brightest citizens of our future.

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