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7-Year-Old With Cancer Asks the World For Prayers

This 7-Year-Old Girl With Cancer Asking For the World's Prayers Is Going to Break You

*Edit: If you could indicate the city/state or city/country (if not US) you are praying from, it would greatly encourage Ava! We knew that the day of determination would come soon, but it is surreal to know that we are finally here. Our doctors came in this morning to tell us that Ava will be getting a PET scan tomorrow at noon. The final decision for transplant will be dependent on the results from those scans. If there are any tumors in her body, transplant will officially be off the table and we will take Ava home on palliative measures immediately. If there is no evidence of disease, we may very well be on our way to transplant starting as early as next week. I told Ava about our crossroads today. She lay there with tears streaming down her face. "No. I don't want to go home without a transplant. The doctors can't help me and there's nothing I can do to make myself better," she cried out in frustration and terror while wiping her tears with shaking little hands. After holding her for a while, we prayed to only One who could help. I continued to cry and pray as I laid next to her. Soon I felt her hand gently patting my back. "Please don't cry, Mama. You are breaking my heart." That's my girl, Ava. Here she is asking for prayer for a clean PET scan while trying not to cry. My phone ran out of space so you miss her signature "Thank you. Bye Bye." But know that she is thankful and hopeful and sad and terrified all at once. We pray for a clean scan, a successful outcome, a supernatural peace. But, above all, we pray that whatever the results are tomorrow, we will fall down on our faces in worship. Because nothing is outside the very good plans God has for our lives and we will bend our hearts to trust Him even if it means they will break in the process. A few days ago, I promised Ava that I would share about her journey far and wide so that many people would begin to pray for her. She smiled and answered, "Until the whole world knows?" Yes. That. The thing is, this story is not about Ava. She is a small part in a bigger story of love, redemption, and healing. The true story is about God. It's about His love, His faithfulness, His glory, His grace, His never-ending hope. So we will share it until our final breath. Until the whole world knows.

Posted by Team Brighter Days on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Hi everyone," starts 7-year-old Ava Bright Lee — who was diagnosed with biphenotypic leukemia at age 5 — in the sweetest voice you've ever heard. The next 16 seconds that follow her greeting are going to rip you to pieces.

Ava, whose family has been waiting to find out if she'll be able to receive a haploidentical stem cell transplant, has a PET scan today that will determine that final decision. If there are any tumors in her body, doctors can't proceed with the transplant and she will be taken home on palliative measures immediately. And this is why the adorable little lady filmed a video asking for prayers — so that all of the people in the whole world can back her with their positive vibes.

"I was wondering if you could, um, pray for me," Ava says in the video. "My phone ran out of space so you miss her signature 'Thank you. Bye Bye,'" wrote Ava's mom in a post to the Team Brighter Days Facebook page, which she runs for her daughter. "But know that she is thankful and hopeful and sad and terrified all at once."

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