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9 Months With Courteney Cox Episode 19

This Teen Couple Faces the Most Difficult Part of the Adoption Process

Meet Your New Mommy

Angelina and Andrew meet their daughter and make a final decision on whether or not to give her up for adoption. Marnie and Rebecca deal with the realities of pregnancy. Lauren and Steve settle in to their new life as parents.

Posted by 9 Months with Courteney Cox on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The 19th episode of 9 Months With Courteney Cox has aired, and this episode is a big one. After being rushed to the hospital, Angelina goes into early labor and gives birth to a baby girl with Andrew at her side. The couple faces the most difficult moment of the adoption process when they have to choose whether or not to hand the newborn over to her adoptive family.

Nonbinary parent Marnie and their partner Rebecca prepare for their baby's arrival, excited for what is to come. Marnie struggles with deciding what the child should call them, since they do not identify as a mother or a father. We also catch up on a heartwarming moment with Paula, the 50-year-old new mother of twins, as she takes her father to meet her children for the first time.

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