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Am I a Tech-Savvy Parent?

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Ever wondered how much you really know about the digital world? We've partnered with National PTA and LifeLock to show how their online tool, The Smart Talk, makes it simple for online safety to be every mom's #1 priority.

Today's kids are growing up with technology, but how much do you really know about what they're up to online? Since your kids are already well-versed experts in their own right, take this quiz to see how tech savvy you are by comparison.

Image Source: Shutterstock

1. What does the hashtag #TBT mean to you?

Take Me Back Tuesday
Truth Be Told
Throwback Thursday

2. Which one of these is a secure URL?

3. When someone says "DM me" on a social media platform, what does that mean to you?

Duplicate Message
Direct Message
Don't Message

4. When did you allow your child to own their first cell phone or digital device?

5. How many hours is your child allowed to use their digital device/s per day for noneducational use?

6. Have you spoken to your child about their interaction with strangers online or while playing video games?

Not yet, but I plan to
Yes, online safety is important
No, my child is safe online

7. As far as you know, does your child have their geolocation turned on for any or all of their apps?

8. Are you "friends" with your child on social networking sites?

Some sites
All sites

9. When your kids post photos, do you know who can see them? Family, friends or everyone?

10. Do you restrict your child's access to certain websites on social media platforms, or have parental controls on?

Yes, some
Yes, all

11. If your child has a digital device, how do you supervise their usage?

12. Does your child have full control over the apps they download, including making in-app purchases that require passwords, etc

They have full control
I control their purchases and downloads
They ask me first