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Amy Schumer on Being a Mom in Growing Netflix Comedy Trailer

Amy Schumer Promises to "Grow Up" When She Becomes a Mom in Hilarious Video That Proves She's Lying Through Her Teeth

When you become a mother, everything changes. Or so says Amy Schumer in a trailer promoting her upcoming Netflix comedy special, Amy Schumer: Growing, which premieres on March 19.

In the funny video, Amy promises that she'll be a more serious comedian once she gives birth.

"I'm done saying dirty things, and it's not who I am anymore," Schumer said. "And I know it's pretty weird to hear that from me, but get used to it. Because I pretty much already am an amazing mom."

Her blunt-yet-laced-with-sarcasm tone continued: "So now that I'm a role model to my little fetus, I've got to be more mature, more grown up, more dignified."

As anyone who is a fan of Amy's less-than-dignified stand-up can attest, we're not buying it. It also didn't help that while she was saying she's "no longer amused by gross-out humor," she was giving us her very, very best gross-out humor indeed.

She did say that her "special is only about 10 minutes of pregnancy stuff," but based on this trailer, we really hope she's kidding about that, too. Bring it on, mama! We're ready for it.

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