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Aquarius Baby Names

These 43 Aquarius Baby Names Will Fight For the Right to Be Chosen

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If your baby is arriving between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, he or she will be born under the star sign Aquarius — and why not use their zodiac sign as inspiration for their name? Represented by the water-bearer, with fountain and cascade associations, the eleventh sign follows Capricorn in the zodiac. Aquarius's element is air, its ruling planets are Uranus (the Greek sky God) and Saturn (wise protector), while its gemstone is the purple amethyst. Aquarians' typical traits include being independent, original, progressive, good listeners, and humanitarian-like. They love to fight for causes, help others, and have intellectual conversations — as well as fun! — with friends. That all means that they can easily carry a name that's strong and unique. Here are a few suggestions for your little Aquarius. Not convinced by astrology? Broaden your net even further with 2019's coolest baby names.

Names For Aquarius Boys

  1. Angus: Scottish Gaelic, means "unique strength."
  2. Arvin: Teutonic, means "friend of the people."
  3. Azzurro: Italian, means Aquarian blue.
  4. Cato: Latin, means "all-knowing."
  5. Charles: Teutonic, means "free man."
  6. Colin: Greek, means "victory of the people."
  7. Conan: Irish Gaelic, means "intelligent."
  8. Darwin: Old English, means "beloved friend."
  9. Erwin: Old English, means "friend."
  10. Galen: Greek, means "the calm one, helper."
  11. Hugo: Latin, means "intellect."
  12. Jordan: Hebrew, means "water flowing down."
  13. Nicholas: Greek, means "victory of the people."
  14. Oberon: Teutonic, means "noble," one of Saturn's satellites.
  15. Sadalmelik: Arabic, means "luck of the king," one of the brightest stars of Aquarius.
  16. Sadalsuud: Arabic, means "luckiest of the lucky," one of the brightest stars of Aquarius.
  17. Sage: Old French, means "wise."
  18. Salvador: Spanish, means "saviour of the world."
  19. Simon: Hebrew, means "the listener."
  20. Walwyn: Old English, means "powerful friend."
  21. Zephyr: Greek, means "west wind."

Names For Aquarius Girls

  1. Alice/Alison: Greek, means "wise counselor."
  2. Amethyst: Greek, is the gemstone for Aquarius.
  3. Aria: Italian, means "air."
  4. Ariel: Hebrew, is one of Uranus's satellites.
  5. Athena: Greek, is the goddess of wisdom.
  6. Cara: Irish Gaelic, means "friend."
  7. Charity: English, links to Aquarius's humanitarian traits.
  8. Cordelia: Celtic, is one of Uranus's satellites.
  9. Davina or Davinia: Hebrew, means "beloved friend."
  10. Ethelwyn: Welsh, means "noble friend."
  11. Genevieve: Old French, means "woman of the people."
  12. Hebe: Greek, is the cup bearer to the Greek gods.
  13. Lysandra: Greek, means "the liberator."
  14. Mila: Slavic, means "loved by the people."
  15. Minerva: Latin, means "intellect."
  16. Nova/Novia: Greek, means "new, original."
  17. Ophelia: Greek, means "helper."
  18. Ruth: Hebrew, means "compassionate friend."
  19. Sacha : Greek, means "helper of mankind."
  20. Simone : Hebrew, means "the listener."
  21. Sophia: Greek, means "wisdom."
  22. Violet: Latin, means "purple."
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