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Baby Names That Mean Love

37 Unique Baby Names That Mean Love

If you are a hopeless romantic or simply inspired by love and romance, why not give your baby a name to reflect that? Whether you're having a boy or a girl, our list of baby names that mean love or are inspired by love will give you the perfect name for your new little one!

Boys' Names

  • Amadeo: Italian in origin; lover of God
  • Aziz: Arabic in origin, meaning beloved
  • Caerwyn: Means fair love
  • Connor: Irish in origin; love and friendship
  • Darrell: Dearly loved
  • David: Beloved
  • Erasmus: Greek in origin; beloved
  • Eros: Means love in Ancient Greek
  • Eustorgio: To love, be content
  • Gerwyn: Welsh in origin; fair love
  • Jebediah: Beloved; friend of God
  • Kama: Sanskrit in origin, meaning love
  • Kiefer: Gaelic in origin; cherished
  • Luben: Loved
  • Luthando: African in origin; loved
  • Pranay: Guidance, leader, and love
  • Romeo: A pilgrim to Rome; a tribute to Romeo and Juliet — Juliet's tragic half
  • Sajan: Sanskrit in origin: cherished
  • Valentine: Strong and healthy; inspired by the holiday of love . . . and St. Valentine

Girls' Names

  • Ahava: Hebrew in origin, meaning love
  • Ahave: Hebrew in origin; love
  • Aiko: Little doll or little loved one
  • Amorette: Little love
  • Amy: Beloved
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of love in Greek mythology
  • Brisa: Little doll
  • Cara: Italian in origin; beloved
  • Carys: Beloved; love; to love
  • Charity: Goodwill and love
  • Darlene: English; tenderly loved
  • Femi: Nigerian in origin; love
  • Freya: Scandinavian in origin; love; goddess of fertility
  • Frigga: Goddess of matrimonial love
  • Juliet: Youthful; inspired by Romeo and Juliet
  • Kalila: Arabic in origin; beloved
  • Maitea: Spanish in origin; lovable
  • Vida: Hebrew in origin; beloved
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Grace Hitchcock
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