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Baby's Reaction to Avocado Is Hilarious

This Baby's Distressed Reaction to Avocado Is Absolutely Priceless

As an avid avocado-lover — both in its natural state and in Chipotle's $2 guacamole gold — I decided one afternoon to mash some up for the baby I nannied. Welp, she hated it so much that she actually gagged. Like a stab in the heart I felt the pain for all of my fellow avocado-lovers of the world, and for Chipotle, who will not be making any money off of this baby any time soon.

The baby in this video has joined my little nugget's cult, and together they are taking a stand against avocado — but not without making a few pretty priceless facial expressions first. This little lady is not happy at all.





Watch as this baby's mama continues to feed her the green stuff despite these reactions, because she heard on the Internet, "It's so good for their brains!"

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