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Baby Survives Car Crash in Utah River

Miracle Baby Survives 14 Hours in an Overturned Car in a Frigid Utah River

An 18-month-old girl must have had an angel looking out for her as she spent almost 14 hours hanging upside down in her car seat as a freezing Utah river floated below her. Lily Groesbeck is in stable condition at a Provo, UT, hospital after rescuers found her clinging to life following a car crash that killed her mother, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck.

"The baby's car seat could have possibly been out of the water," Lt. Cory Slaymaker of the Spanish Fork Police Department told KUTV news. "The car was on the embankment, so I don't know how much water was getting in. It could have been 12 to 13 hours this baby was upside down in the car seat."

Lily was found approximately 13 hours after the single-car accident, when a fisherman happened upon the overturned car in his fishing spot. The car, which had been traveling from the grandparents' house back home, struck a cement barrier on the bridge and then fell into the water — landing under the bridge so it couldn't be seen from the road. According to CNN, once the rescue took place, seven of the rescuers had to be treated for hypothermia due to the water conditions.

The mother's sister reports that Lily is doing OK. "She is doing remarkably well considering the circumstance," she said. "The doctors have been hopeful so far."

The family has set up a GoFundMe page — which has already reached $24,000 — to help with medical expenses and funeral charges.

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