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Back-to-School Shopping Tips For Children

Earn Your Child an A+ in Style This Year With These Back-To-School Shopping Tips

Embrace style, function, and personality this school year! We've teamed up with Kohl's to show you how smart shopping can set your child up for success just in time to head back to school.

Supplies ready and schedules set, a new school year is filled with exciting opportunities! But this year, we challenge you to look at back-to-school shopping as a chance to empower your child to embrace their own individual personality and style.

Teach them the all-too-important lesson of "just do you" with a shopping excursion to Kohl's. Whether your child likes a moment in the spotlight, has a more active social life than you, or keeps busy after school with extracurriculars, back-to-school shopping can be fun for everyone when you know what pieces and styles to prioritize. Ahead are the "best in class" products you need to set your little one up for a successful and stylish school year.

Here's a pro mom tip: look for outfits that are smart, sensible, and stylish so nothing gets in the way of her next experiment! That means keeping her closet stocked with classic and easy-to-wear skater dresses. They can be worn during the warmer months with sneakers and restyled again for Winter with leggings or tights. Look for fun options with prints and graphics to add a playful spin to an otherwise practical silhouette.

If your child's idea of dressing up is a new pair of leggings or shorts, our advice is simple — embrace it! When styled right, a head-to-toe athleisure look can be totally appropriate for school, especially when your little is always the first one on the field at recess. Opt for pieces in neutral tones that your child can dress up or down and that can be paired together for a quick and easy look. Make the ensemble even more seasonal with a classic denim jacket. It will go with everything in their closet and sports bag.


Allow your child's sense of style to take center stage! Soft, layerable tees and classic, indestructible bottoms are every mom's fail-safe when it comes to dressing your little one for school. And for good reason! Everyone puts forth their best effort when they feel their best. So keep the fabrics cozy but the colors fun with a few bright options that will help your kid still stand out in the crowd.


If you have a kid who is always ready for his close-up or spends more time in the bathroom getting ready than you, then help them dress to impress every day with some style-savvy picks! A button-down plus straight-leg jeans equal a stylish #OOTD. Once they study up on this stylish formula, getting dressed everyday will be easy and fun.


Can't get your little to sit still long enough to pick out an outfit? We'll let you in on a shopping tip: rainbows, glitter, and unicorns will get them every time! These trends will be all over the back-to-school scene, but when you combine all three, they speak to your child's superplayful personality.

Keep it bold, but keep it simple. Play up your child's favorite primary colors for a cohesive closet that all works together. Mix together various tones and shades for a monochromatic wardrobe that still makes a big impact with color. Plus, comfy cottons are perfect for when he's getting enthusiastic at the easel. Because, no matter what fashion speaks to your child, Kohl's has the right buys at the right price that will allow your child's personality to speak for itself!


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