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The Beebo Hands-Free Bottle Holder

See Why This Bottle Holder Is the Best Baby Product You Wish You Had

Bottle-feeding a baby can take several hours a day, and busy parents could use an extra hand. The Beebo, a brilliant over-the-shoulder swiveling bottle holder, gives it to them.

Although the product — which was developed by a St. Louis dad who often felt one hand short when the phone rang or when someone knocked on the door — first went on the market late last year, it's begun to bubble up in popularity, thanks to a YouTube video that shows just how seamlessly parents can multitask with the Beebo.

With the $40 BPA-free Beebo at work, parents can finally enjoy family dinner or, as the video shows, operate the TV remote. Sure, we weren't too impressed to see the product marketed as a way to more effectively watch television, but we do believe the Beebo could greatly help parents of twins, those with a toddler who requires attention, or those who want to bond with their baby.

"The Beebo frees up a hand to caress, burp, or even read a book to your baby while you're feeding," the company noted on its website. "It conveniently holds the bottle in a consistent, stable feeding position so that your baby is more likely to finish the entire bottle."

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